Collins Found Dead

from The Malakoff News
February 19, 1925

Cave City, Ky. – After seventeen days of hard work on the part of his rescuers, Floyd CollinsFloyd Collins, who was trapped  by a natural rock vise in Sand Cave on January 30, was reached and found dead at 2:45 Monday afternoon.


It was reported by a workman that owing to the roof above Collins giving way, they were able to reach him several hours before they had expected.

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Revival Meeting

from The Malakoff News
Thursday, February 12, 1914

I take this method of announcing our revival meeting, which is set for 1st Sunday in July.


My early announcement of this meeting is in order to get our forces well organized.

In this meeting, we shall need the cooperation of all the  people.  In order to have a successful meeting, it is the duty of each member of the church to begin now and attend all our weekly church services.  This will tend to build up the spiritual state of the church.

As soon as the weather will permit, I want us to continue our choir practice and here and now, I urge all our young people to attend regularly.  Let’s all pray and work daily for a great revival year.

Your pastor,
E. C. Escoe



Cucumbers Good Price

from The Malakoff News
January 29, 1925

To those desiring to plant cucumbers at Malakoff and surrounding territory, will say, that PB Pickle Jarwe are now listing acreage for this year for for the convenience of the growers.  I am leaving contracts with Dodge Gentry and those wishing to plant please see Mr. Gentry at your earliest convenience and list your name, address, and amount you wish to plant, and we are also leaving the seed with Mr. Gentry.


Yours very truly,

C. H. Temple
Field manager for Price-Booker Mfg. Co.
Waco, Texas


from The Malakoff News
January 15, 1925

The Tredlow Lignite Co., operated by the McCallister Coal and Fuel Co., started work several days ago on a new shaft mine to be located about three miles east of this city.

Tredlow mining co.

Tredlow Lignite Company

Mr. W. E. Phillips, General Manager of the Company, says that this mine will be the best equipped in this part of the country.  2,600 feet of railroad is now under construction, which will connect the mine with the Cotton Belt Railroad.

This new project will be completed within 60 days and at a cost of approximately $25,000.  The capacity of this mine will be about 800 tons per day

Swanson Sisters Get Together After Twenty Years

from The Malakoff News
Friday, May 10, 1957

The home of Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Noble in Corsicana was the scene of a gathering of Mrs. Noble’s seven sisters and their husbands for dinner on Sunday, April 21, 1957.

The eight sisters are daughters of the late Mr. and Mrs. T. J. Swanson, pioneer residents of Malakoff.  They were all born and reared in Malakoff and attended the Malakoff public schools.

This occasion had a special significance since it was the first time the sisters had been together since 1937 and in honor of the reunion, the above picture and colored movies were made during the afternoon.


The above group picture is that of the eight daughters of the late Mr. and Mrs. Tom J. Swanson, who were all together recently for the first time since 1937.  Standing left to right, they are: Mrs. Don DePuy of Milford; Mrs. W. W. Jackson, Malakoff; Mrs. Monta Miles, Kerens; Mrs. Geo. F. Brooks, Temple; Mrs. Sue Mosshart, Houston; and Mrs. J. H. Noble, Corsicana.  Seated are Mrs. Ann Dillard and Mrs. Emma V. Ackerman, both of Fort Worth.

Standing from left to right in the picture, they will be remembered here as Josephine, Cordie, Cecil, Aline, Sue and Grace.  Seated are Ann and Emma V.

The picture was taken in the living room of Mrs. Noble’s home.  The oil portrait in the picture is of Mrs. Fred (Tommy Jean) Maisel, only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Noble.

In the afternoon, the family was joined by Dr. and Mrs. Bill G. Brooks of Ft. Worth, son of Mr. and Mrs. George Brooks; and Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Jackson and Janice and W. L., Jr.  Mr. Jackson is a son of the W. W. Jacksons of Malakoff.

Baptists Accept Church Plans

from The Malakoff News
Friday, March 12, 1954


The architect’s drawing above is the exact likeness of the future First Baptist Church in “The Lignite City.”  The plans of the building committee were unanimously accepted without change in a church business conference on Sunday morning.  The new structure is designed to be gotten underway following appropriate ground-breaking ceremonies scheduled for Sunday afternoon, March 21st – the first day of Spring.  The present church building is to be converted into a modern educational building for the Sunday School Department.  The total expense outlay in the building is estimated at $40,000.