A “Bit” of Welcome

In many ways, the “blog” has become the present-day diary…at least that is what this site is for me.  This obscure site is my “out-of-the-way place in cyberspace” –  the place for various “bitsfrombritt,” pieces that will be about folks I know or have known, mostly in Malakoff, places I have been, memorable events in my life, opinions (mostly contrary) on various topics, and articles and other pieces from over the years. 

I am not a professional blogger, “journalist,” or “gossip.”  – nope,  just a simple boy from Malakoff, Texas.  My daddy was a soldier’s soldier; my mother is a musician; my sister is whatever she has ever wanted to be, for she has a brilliant mind.  My wife is a wonderful, beautiful, and orderly soul who is infinitely kind, patient, and loving – she blesses me each day, and I am so grateful for her presence in my life.  She definitely got the short end of the stick in choosing me, but we are happy, despite all the external trials  that have beset us in our first year of marriage.  Our dogs, Mittie Waller and Merlot, are lucky, lazy, loyal, loving shelter hounds, who represent the finest in what it is to be blessed with a dog.

Getting older, not sure about wiser, but I definitely am keener on the value of living each day as if it were my last…life is so very, very short and precious.

Hope what gets posted here is worth making you laugh, cry, and occasionally get irritated.  Most of all, I hope it is worth the time you spend with “bitsfrombritt.”

Thanks for stopping by,



One thought on “A “Bit” of Welcome

  1. Well, Britt,
    Never thought about it before, but when I use the term Brit, usually I am referring to an Englishman. Come to think of it, I guess you are an English man. Thanks for getting back to posting Malakoff history and thanks for posting the article about my cousin, Marie and her 16th birthday party.

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