A “Bit” of Remembrance – Bonnie Louise Barfield Cannon

People come and go throughout our lives.  Some we remember – some we forget.  Some leave our lives because things change, circumstances change, lives change.  If we are lucky, the people who cross our path touch us and make us better people.  These are the people we remember.  These are the people who enrich our lives.

These are the people whose passing makes us and all around us poorer for their having gone.

It’s been a long time since I saw Bonnie Cannon – even longer since I spoke with her. I was in high school when I knew her.  She was one of those people who, before they ever said, “Hello” put you at ease and made you feel welcome in her home.  In short, she was a kind and gentle soul who bore no grudges, harbored no malice, one who lived what she believed. I cannot think of a better thing to say about someone than that they were a kind and gentle soul.  This world needs so many more, so many , many more…and we have lost one of the kindest and gentlest I have known at her passing.

Rest well, Bonnie.


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