A “Bit” of Looking Back – Personalities in M. H. S. (1953)

From “The Tiger” Annual ‘53

In this picture you see twelve representative students from the five grades in M. H. S.  These were chosen for a “Personalities” page for the following reasons:  they are all interested in some sport and actively participate in such; they take part in all school programs when requested; they hold class office from time to time; they represent their class in any school competition; most of them are average or good students in lessons, with some on the “A” honor roll frequently; they are congenial and friendly, with both teachers and other classmates; they are loyal to  their school and its teams…in other words, these twelve are ideal M. H. S. personalities!

Robertson, Junior; Letha McFarland, Junior; Pat Humphries, Junior; Peggy Spurlock, Senior; Jackie Hustead, Senior; Sonny Cade, Senior.

FRONT ROW:  Carolyn Cade, 8th Grade; Donald Jordan, Freshman; Patsy Wood, Freshman; Leamon Rogers, Sophomore; Robert Brannon,  Sophomore; Kenneth Andrews, 8th Grade.

Photograph Courtesy of Joye Campbell

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