A “Bit of Looking Back” – Royall and Waller Growth Adds toTown’s Economy

By Britt Thompson

From The Malakoff News

Friday, August 17, 1962

The steady growth of the local Chevrolet-Buick dealership of the Royall & Waller Chevrolet Company in recent months is making its contribution to the economy of the City of Malakoff. During this time, five new employees have been added to the firm’s payroll, and a truck service center building has been erected and major improvements have been added to the mechanical department.

The added employees, according to Dan Royall, Jr., partner in the firm with J. D. (Red)Waller, are Lee Boyett, a former employee, as parts  manager; Kenneth Dukes, assistant parts manager; Vernon Jock, formerly of Trinidad, mechanic; Claudie Mullins, salesman; and Durwood Rogers, recently of Dallas, a specialized truck mechanic.

With the addition of the five new employees, Mr. Royall said, the annual payroll of the Royall & Waller firm now approximates  $100,000.

The local automotive firm, according to Mr. Royall, has organized a complete new service department, and it is now in position to render faster and more efficient repair service to the automobile and truck owners within the trade area.  “We are aiming,” Mr. Royall said, “toward 1-day service on all truck and automobile repair.”

The truck service center has been removed from the firm’s regular service area to newly constructed quarters at the rear of the firm’s main office building facing College Street.  The hop, it was pointed out, has been equipped with all new and up-to-date equipment.

A special full-page advertisement in this issue of the News, tells the progressive story of the Royall & Waller firm in pictures.  Also included in the advertisement are listed a number of special offers on Chevrolet OK Used Cars, which the firm is endeavoring to clear out as soon as possible to make ready for the new 1963 model Chevrolet and buick cars, which will be coming out soon.

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One thought on “A “Bit of Looking Back” – Royall and Waller Growth Adds toTown’s Economy

  1. Thanks for all of your postings. It is good to be reminded of the town that I grew up in and I will look forward to more articles and pictures.
    Charlotte Evans Elrod

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