A “Bit” of Looking Back MHS’ First Student Council – 1941

Malakoff High School Student Council
From “The Tigerette” Annual – 1941

The Student Council was organized at the beginning of the second semester (1940-1941 school year) and is composed of nine members.  The president was elected by the popular vote of the student body.  Each class elected two members to represent them in the Student Council.

Officers are:
Raymond Reese – President
Bobby Orrick – Vice President
Ouida Owen – Secretary

Members are:
Freshman Class: Joe Dodson and Jean Rogers
Sophomore Class: Bobby Orrick and Louise winters
Junior Class:  Mallie Lee Derden and Gladys Jo Robertson
Senior Class:  Margie Pearl Slaughter and Ouida Owen

It is the duty of the Student Council to plan assembly programs, school parties and other activities concerning the student body.  A constitution was drawn up to govern the students and it is left up to the Student Council to see that these laws are carried out.  The purpose of the organization is for the students to have a say in their school rules.


One thought on “A “Bit” of Looking Back MHS’ First Student Council – 1941

  1. Britt,
    I posted this shortly after Raymond passed away. I suppose great people from Malakoff always inspire everyone. Please look at my website and read the letter that I posted. When we had our 1957-2007 reunion I made a New Tiger Rag and included a letter written to the Malakoff news. When I was elected student council president in 1956-57, it was incorrectly announced that we were the first student council.

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