A “Bit” of Looking Back – Mr. H. G. Larkin – MHS Principal (1953-1954)

Mr. Larkin is new to MHS this year but remembered from years before.

He seldom raises his voice in anger, but sometimes in a low voice “packs more sudden dynamite” than a loud one!

A square-shooter, Mr. Larkin will go all out for any student who tries to do the right thing.

from “The Tiger” (1954)


2 thoughts on “A “Bit” of Looking Back – Mr. H. G. Larkin – MHS Principal (1953-1954)

  1. Bo Johnson called him Hog Gut for H.G. Never knew what the H.G. stood for, but perhaps the G could stand for good. Mr. Larkin gave me my only “licks” in my 11 years at Malakoff schools. Back then the paddle was used on occasion, but I remember more about why I received the paddling than the paddling. It was in freshman algebra and seated directly in front of me was my friend and cute little neighbor Sallye Dodson. I was talking to Sallye during Mr. Pierce’s algebra discussion and after several warning, perhaps on more than one day, Mr. Pierce (we called him Shemp because of the way he parted his hair) blew his stack and threw his eraser at me. I can not remember for sure, but I think he missed. Because of this, I was paddled in the hall outside our room.Thanks for being gentle Mr. Larkin. Well, all I can say is Mr. Pierce was not there the next year, but I don’t think I talked to Sallye in that class anymore and that was my first and last paddling, though I probably deserved more.
    I was lucky enough to have Mr. Larkin in geometry and algebra and he was an excellent teacher. I can remember going to the chalk board and using string and chalk like a compass. After almost 40 years of my own teaching, I’m not sure how Mr. Larkin (or any of the Malakoff teachers) had time to do all they did, and If I could hug them now, I would. They did and outstanding job. One year Mr. Larkin took several of us to the state basketball tournament in Austin. It was a great thrill for me and one I shall never forget. Thanks Mr. Larkin.

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