A “Bit” of Looking Back – The Dollar Social at the Flagg Home in Malakoff (October, 1921)

From The Malakoff News
Thursday, October 27, 1921

The dollar social given by the ladies of the Missionary Society of the Methodist church at the pretty residence of Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Flagg Monday night was greatly enjoyed by all present.  As the guests neared the home it threw a halo of light that bespoke a good time before you entered the door.

A the appointed hour all had arrived and the program was unconsciously opened by little Grace Flagg when she gave a riddle that no one in the audience was scholarly enough to find the correct answer to.  This opened up a channel into which all drifted and the results were very laughable.  Mrs. Flagg’s mother and her aunt, Mrs. S. M. Ransom, were guests in the Flagg home and all enjoyed their presence very much.  Mrs. Ransom having just returned from New York gave many incidents of her stay there and of the work being done in the Italian districts.

Each lady was requested to bring a paper telling how she made her dollar.  There were many interesting and laughable poems.  One author received her revelation during the quiet hour of shelling peanuts; another earned her dollar so easily she put in a verse about how women could gain riches without any effort whatever if men would only take charge of the household; one lady loved her neighbor as herself and rented her a pattern for 5 cents; our president proved to be a genius at pretty composition; there were others we haven’t time to mention and last but not least, a gentleman matched a dollar and favored us with a poem entitled “How We build Our Churches in the Good Old Way.”

We found great talent in Malakoff and the Dollar Social has unearthed talents we little dreamed of existed in our little community.  As each speaker finished the poem, a dollar was given to the secretary and all saw a vision of a church remodeled in the near future.

Dainty and delicious refreshments were served.

Other poets of Malakoff may never get the lime light by having lost the golden opportunity of displaying their talent to the world.  The guests departed thanking Mr. And Mrs. Flagg for the use of their lovely home also to all who helped to make the evening so great a success.

NOTE: The Flagg home is one of the true architectural treasures of Malakoff.  H. L. Flagg retained Sandy Russell Thompson as the architect and builder, giving him directions that he wanted Sandy to design and build a home that would be big enough for the Flagg family and a home that, once built, would last forever…


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