A “Bit” of Looking Back – Thomas Hardwood Mill – Malakoff, Texas


Date of photograph unknown


2 thoughts on “A “Bit” of Looking Back – Thomas Hardwood Mill – Malakoff, Texas

  1. I don’t know much about the mill it’s self, but I know about some of the people associated with it. Edna and Iva Thomas were faithful members of the Malakoff Church of Christ where I attended in the 40’s and 50’s. I think Edna was the owner of the mill and I guess her husband was dead. Iva was her daughter and she never married. Our church song leader was Jessie Thomas and he had three daughters. The daughters attended Malakoff schools at one time and later one finished in Athens. I think their names were June, a name with Jessie in it and I think Sherry. Jessie had another brother that helped with the sawmill, but I can not remember his name. In about 1957, Jessie Thomas was killed in a car accident on highway 31 near Crescent Heights. He was driving a dump truck I believe, and Ronnie Stockman ( one of my 1957 classmates) was driving to work that day. Ronnie was charged with negligent homicide and spent time in prison. My Grandfather on occasion bought lumber from the Thomas mill and if you have ever tried to drive a nail in oak you would know why it was called hardwood. My Grandfather would put grease or water on the nail first before he tried to nail it. Every time I tried driving a nail in, it would bounce off and go flying or I would bend the nail over. Tough stuff!!
    Don Henderson
    Spring, Texas

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