A “Bit” of Remembrance – Louis J. Scholl, Sr.

Louis J. Scholl, Sr., as he appeared when the Scholl family moved to Texas in August, 1916. Mr. Scholl bought The Malakoff News, sight unseen, and by mail through an advertisement in the Publishers Auxiliary (a trade newspaper of that day). The editor-owner at that time was the late Charles Cutiak, who owned two newspapers – The Malakoff News and The Bullard Herald. After disposing of the News, Mr. Cutiak moved back t the town of Bullard.

The News during those early years was all “hand-set” and was printed on an old Washington hand press. Later, Mr. Scholl bought another press, known in those days as a “Country Campbell.” There being no electricity in Malakoff in those days, an man was employed on each publication day to turn the large flywheel by hand. Power presses were installed in the late twenties after the Texas Power & Light Company installed their lines in Malakoff in 1925.

Community Club Needed to Promote Malakoff
Citizens Should Unite

from The Malakoff News January, 1922

What will the year 1922 have for Malakoff and its surrounding trade territory?

Did you ever stop to think that the future prosperity of the people of the Malakoff territory depends ina very large measure upon the people themselves? If this community prospers, the extent of that prosperity will be measured by the way in which we take hold of the opportunities that present themselves.

No section of Henderson County has as many natural advantages as the Malakoff section. An abundance of fuel, timber, and clay, together with the best agricultural land in the country – land that will produce abundantly of fruits, field crops and vegetables of all kinds, make for ideal conditions that can and will bring prosperity if properly handled.

What we lack is a community organization. There should be less of individualism and more community interest. When we realize that what benefits one, benefits all, and then put our shoulders to the wheel, then prosperity will dawn.

Let us harmonize our efforts and move forward to a better, and larger Malakoff.

Louis J. Scholl, Sr.

January, 1922


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