A “Bit” of Looking Back – Mrs. Joe Faulk Wins Recliner (January, 1968)

Mrs. Joe Faulk Wins Recliner

From The Malakoff News
Friday, January 5, 1968

Mrs. Joe Faulk of Malakoff was the lucky lady to receive the door prize of a recliner given away by the personnel of the Furniture Exchange, a new business venture in Malakoff that opened its doors to the public on Friday, December 1.

Mrs. Faulk was presented her prize at a drawing held on Saturday, December 23.  Her name was chosen from among the hundreds that were registered during the month.

The recliner was offered as an incentive to get the public to visit the store and view the many products, both new and used, on display.

The Furniture Exchange is owned by James Anders, presently residing in Dallas.  He plans to move his family to Malakoff as soon as suitable housing is made available.

Mrs. Joe Faulk, winner of the recliner given away by Malakoff’s new Furniture Exchange, tells the News, “It would be impossible to take my picture sitting in my new chair…because Joe is in it!”

“He stays in it, and according to Joe, it is really comfortable,” she mused as she continued with her duties at the Citizens State Bank.


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