A “Bit” of Remembrance – Post Script: Rex King

I had the privilege of reminiscing with my mother (Patsy Payne Thompson) tonight about Rex.  We had a wonderful and nostalgic visit about her high school years in the late 1940s in Malakoff, and we talked about Rex, Claudie, “Skull,” and so many others.  It was a bittersweet recollection for her, and there was a distinct tinge of sadness in her voice as she recalled that time now long ago.

Lest it be forgotten, my mother reminded me that Rex was also an outstanding basketball player on the Tiger varsity squad.  In the 1947-1948 season, the Tigers went 8 wins against 4 defeats in basketball (including defeating Trinidad by the score of 71-4 on 3 February, 1948).

Mother fondly recalled that during his freshman year in high school, Rex had a coach (she could not recall the coach’s name) who would blindfold Rex on the court during practice, telling him this was the only way in which to learn to dribble the basketball with great skill.  Apparently, it paid off, as mother remembers that Rex was an outstanding basketball player, just as he was an outstanding football player during the fall of 1947 …

Just a post script about Rex that should be remembered…


4 thoughts on “A “Bit” of Remembrance – Post Script: Rex King

  1. Tribute to T. Rex
    By Don Henderson

    T Rex
    Not Tyrannosaurus;
    Titanic Rex;
    Rex King
    If you ever knew him
    You’d know
    What I mean

    Bigger than life,
    Was Rex King
    Perhaps another T-word
    Could be Titan
    Or Terrific

    Rex, a hero, throughout the years,
    Especially to his younger fans
    Although, perhaps
    He had no equal peers

    Rex, an early hero to me
    Me, a 3rd Grader, you see
    A yearbook purchased
    A mere $2 dollars cost
    A large amount back then
    To keep memories from
    Being lost

    Since then
    Many an hour spent
    Browsing pages
    Wandering where
    The years went

    Along with Rex,
    Little Joe,
    And several more
    Heroes all to a mere 3rd grader
    Each glance at pictures,
    Memories would soar

    Football or basketball
    They played
    I watched them all
    As a 3rd grader
    A mere spectator,
    Seeing your heroes perform
    Now 60 + years;
    Sadly watch
    Them passing
    With alarm

    We’ve caught up
    With them
    These heroes
    Of gridiron
    And gym
    The passing of Titanic Rex
    Reminds me:
    Just as the “unsinkable” Titanic,
    Indeed went down,
    None are unsinkable
    Humans, us, where
    Flaws abound

    As humans,
    We need our heroes,
    Our own Titanic,
    Even a Titanic,
    Eventually sinks

    We sail along in life
    Needing a hero
    Needing a Titanic
    Rex King was that hero
    That Titanic

    And his memories still are
    So long, Rex King,
    Our Hero,
    T Rex King

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