A “Bit” of Looking Back – Mexican Citizens Interested in Upkeep of Cemetery Plot Here (March, 1961)

Mexican Citizens Interested in Upkeep of Cemetery Plot Here

From The Malakoff News
Friday, March, 31, 1961

The News office was visited on Saturday morning by Victor Contreras and Jose Sosa, former Malakoff residents during the operations of the old Malakoff Fuel Company here.  Both, now residents of Dallas, are members of the committee which has been named in the project of rehabilitating the cemetery plot used by the Latin-American citizens of yesteryear.  Other members of the committee, also former residents of the Fuel Company camp here, are Armando Reyes and Thomas Munoz, also of Dallas.

Victor Contreras, a student in the public schools here in his youth, was the spokesman for the committee on their Saturday visit.  Contreras said that the committee has been working diligently for the past several months in raising funds from their interested countrymen throughout the country and that the renovating of the cemetery plot is expected to be gotten underway within the immediate future.

Contreras told the News that he had contacted Mrs. Harry Flagg, director of the perpetual upkeep of the Malakoff Cemetery, and that she offered her cooperation in every way to assist these former residents in improving the appearance of their cemetery plot.

The plot, known as the Mexican Cemetery, is located just east of the Malakoff Cemetery.


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