Malakoff Faces and Places – Vanice Broyles


 Date of photograph unknown
Photograph sent to Britt Thompson by the late Vanice Broyles James


3 thoughts on “Malakoff Faces and Places – Vanice Broyles

  1. Great photo! I recognized that as the stairway to roof entry on the front of the Bartlett House where they would hold the dances and parties on the roof. That entry is no-longer there.

    • Thanks, Todd. Vance had told me it was at the Bartlett home, but I could not be sure…I am so very careful when it comes to documentation…the accuracy of the history I post is so very important to me…and I try to be meticulous in my documentation…britt

  2. You’re doing great Britt and I appreciate the details in your work. I think it’s important to preserve the history and especially as accurately as we can.

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