A “Bit” of Looking Back – Crawleys’ Comedians Coming to Malakoff May 21st (May, 1928)

Crawleys’ Comedians Coming to Malakoff May 21st

From The Malakoff News
Friday, May 17, 1928

Crawley’s Comedians, who are scheduled to play Malakoff during the week of May 21st, are coming to this city under the best of recommendations from cities they have visited.

Geo. L. Crawley is claimed to be a comedian of the highest type, and in producing his own plays, patrons of this large tent theatre are promised an evening of pleasure to be long remembered.  He is the author of more than a hundred plays, which are being used by practically every tented organization in the United Sates and Canada.  Marie Graye, his leading lady, bears the distinction of being one of the  most versatile actresses on the stage today, playing the modern tent theatres.  She portrays the part of a girl of sixteen in some presentations, and then is characterized as that of an old woman in several other plays.  She is a native Texan.

Crawley is, this season, featuring a good orchestra, and has engaged the services of Prof. Henry Larson, who received his musical education in Leipzigto direct orchestras.

Bennie Levy, whom you have no doubt heard over the radio, is the pianist.  It is said that all you have to do is name the piece of music you want, and this artist will play it for you.

This company comes to Malakoff from a twenty week stock run at the Royal Theatre in Houston, and the personnel are said to be exactly the same now as then.

Crawley’s Comedians promises a variety of plays that are new, original and up-to-the-minute, featuring vaudeville between acts.

The big tent is absolutely water proof and comfortable in every way.  On the first night’s showing in Malakoff, theCrawley’s show will admit ladies free when accompanied by one paid adult admission.  The opening play will be “The Scarlet Trail,” a beautiful story of the Southland.


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