A “Bit” of Looking Back – Miss Land Assigned to Flight – Completes Hostess Training (July, 1956)

Miss Land Assigned to Flight – Completes Hostess Training

From The Malakoff News
Friday, July 15, 1966

Miss Jeanie Land

Miss Jeanie Land recently completed training as a hostess for Braniff International and has been assigned to the airline’s flight crew base at Dallas.  Currently, she is flying the One Eleven southwest,Gulf Coast runs.

The 21-year-old hostess is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Steve W. Land of Trinidad.  Mr. Land is water superintendent of Trinidad.

Miss Land moved to Trinidad from Tyler in 1956 and became involved immediately in practically every phase of the high school’s activities.  She was elected a cheerleader for four years; played basketball for four years; and was elected Homecoming princess, basketball sweetheart, and served in the FHA during her freshman year.  While a sophomore, she was on the annual staff; in the senior play, and active in the FHA program.  As a junior, she was elected class favorite and was a member of the cast of the class play.

Jeanie’s life as a senior was quite full of activity, as she was captain of the basketball team, a member of the annual staff, was in the senior play, student council, was class secretary, and participated in the Interscholastic League play.

Upon graduation from Trinidad, Jeanie entered Henderson County Junior College, where she majored in business.

This brown-haired, green-eyed beauty served as a lieutenant in the Cardettes both of her years in the college.  She ran for Cardinal Beauty and came out second runner-up.

In 1965, she went to Dallas as an employee of the Bank of Service and Trust, and, in the course of a year, ran for Miss Downtown Dallas and Miss White Rock Lake.

At night,Miss Land took modeling lessons from the Patricia Stephens School of Modeling and was active in that field in her spare time. 

Conforming to the call of the space age, she decided early in the year that flying was her chosen field and has realized her desire.


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