A “Bit” of Looking Back – Malakoff Veteran Sets Pattern for Chicken Industry in County (August, 1950)

Malakoff Veteran Sets Pattern for Chicken Industry in County

From The Malakoff News
Friday, August 11, 1950

G. V. Walker, local World War II veteran, with the success thus far attained in the poultry raising business, has set a pattern and perhaps has pointed the way for the establishment for a new industry in Henderson County.

While young in the chicken business, having started his new industry here only a few months ago, his success has been more or less limited thus far, but he is learning fast and his experiences are beginning to pay off in a satisfactory way.

G. V. Walker

In its present stage, the Walker chicken farm supports two broiler houses, both of which Walker built himself, and a present flock numbering some 3,400 chickens.  The two brooder buildings measure 20×50 feet and 18×50 feet.  Several such flocks have already been raised and marketed since the owner’s advent into the poultry business.

Mr. Walker’s plan of operation is to carry along two batches of chicks at the same time but at an age difference of about six weeks.  As an older batch reaches the market stage, a new batch is brought on.

Walker buys his chicks from West Four Mills, who also supplies him with feed through a local merchant.  The mills also obtain an outlet for his broilers when they reach the market stage and are ready for sale.  Many of them, however, are being sold from the lot to local consumers.

Mr. Walker, a Malakoff-reared young man and veteran of World War II, as a crew chief with the Bomber Group, is building a new home for himself, his wife, and their two small children, on their property just west of the city, thus anchoring himself just a little bit deeper in his home soil.  His wife is the former Miss Polly Maguire, daughter of Mrs. Minnie Maguire and the late, J. D. Maguire of Malakoff.


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