A “Bit” of Looking Back – A Bunch of Bouquets: Scholl Makes Good in Lone Star State

A Bunch of Bouquets
Scholl Makes Good in Lone Star State

From The Malakoff News
Friday, September 20, 1917

Louis J. Scholl, Sr.

Editor Scholl of the Malakoff News, who for more than a quarter of a century was connected with the Rockwood Times, has made good in the Lone Star State and celebrated his first anniversary as a citizen of Malakoff by issuing a 14 page edition of The News.  The paper was running over with advertising and shows that the merchants of Henderson County believe in letting the people know what they have for sale.  The News has materially improved under the management of Mr. Scholl, and if the people of his adopted home town will stand by him as they should, he will give Malakoff and Henderson County one of the best newspapers in the state. (reprinted from The Rockwood, Tennessee Times)

The Malakoff News, under the present ownership and management of Louis J. Scholl is rapidly coming to the front and valued as one of the best that comes to our desk.  Week before last, it contained 14 pages, every one of which had its own mission, but presenting an interesting and forceful ensemble.  Up-to-date advertisements rubbed elbows with interesting and instructive news items, and altogether, the issue was a “peach” from a journalistic standpoint.  Malakoff can be proud of The News, as well as Mr. Scholl, who can besides have the satisfaction that his efforts are appreciated by the merchants of his town, as well as Athens. (reprinted from The Bullard Herald).

The Malakoff News came out this week in sixteen pages, celebrating the first anniversary of Editor Scholl’s stay in Texas.  The edition was liberally patronized, which in itself, indicates that the people are well pleased with his efforts.  Mr. Scholl has become thoroughly Texanized, and in his first annual edition, he says he trusts the Lord will forgive him for living in Tennessee thirty-odd years when there was such a place as Texas. (reprinted from The Athens Review)

A Nice Paper

The last week edition of The Malakoff News was an extra nice edition of that paper.  It was brim full of advertising of the local merchants and those of Athens, which together with the able workmanship made it quite attractive. (reprinted from The Eustace Herald)

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