A “Bit” of Looking Back – Rexall Stores to Sponsor “Swiss Family Robinson” (October, 1958)

Rexall Stores to Sponsor “Swiss Family Robinson”

From The Malakoff News
Friday, October 10, 1958

Swiss Family Robinson, a dramatic hour-long presentation of the classic story of a shipwrecked family, will be on NBC-TV Sunday, October 12.  It is being sponsored by Smith’s Pharmacy’s Rexall Drug Store, along with some 10,000 Rexall druggists across the country, to celebrate the opening next morning of the Rexall original one cent sale.

The TV version of “Swiss Family Robinson” should appeal to old and young, presenting as it does the problem of staying alive in an unknown land.  The father and mother, with their four boys, only survivors of a shipwreck, build a civilized life on their tropical island in spite of weather, wild beasts and other difficulties.

Viewers will also learn what tremendous purchasing power the penny still has.  During Rexall’s One Cent Sale days, Saturday, October 11 through Saturday, October 18, customers can buy two identical Rexall items for the price of one, plus one cent.  In addition, special Bonus Buys will also be offered at reduced prices.

As a special service to shoppers, advance shopping list order blanks will be obtainable at the stores listing One Cent Sale merchandise.  These may be filled out and left at the store prior to the sale.  The merchandise is then packed and reserved for the shopper and may be called for at any time during the sale.

The Rexall Fall One Cent Sale is one of two such sales held each year by Rexall drugstores throughout the United States.  It is being widely advertised in newspapers, Sunday newspaper and farm magazines, and on radio and television.


One thought on “A “Bit” of Looking Back – Rexall Stores to Sponsor “Swiss Family Robinson” (October, 1958)

  1. I have the October 1958 edition of The Rexall Magazine! How cool to fine this amongst my mother-in-law’s sewing patterns!

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