A “Bit” of Looking Back – Sells-Floto Circus to Be at Athens Friday, Nov. 6th (October, 1925)

Sells-Floto Circus to Be at Athens Friday, Nov. 6th

from The Malakoff News
29 October, 1925

Promising an array of amusement features far beyond anything attempted in the past, The Sells-Floto Circus, second largest show in the world, will visit Athens on Friday, November 6th, giving two performances, afternoon and night. Hundreds of citizens from Malakoff will undoubtedly swell the crowds in our neighboring city on that day in view of the fact that Sells-Floto has for years been recognized as one of America’s premier circus organizations.

The Sells-Floto Circus

Three rings, two stages and a hippodrome track will afford space for the more than 100 headline acts, many of which have been especially imported from other lands and are new in America this season.

An added feature is the gigantic spectacle, “The Bride and the Beasts,”  magnificent and barbaric in character and splendor, and in which more than 1,000 take part, not the least being the special corps de ballet of half a thousand young women.

The circus performance is up-to-the-second, is clean and moves with a snap that keeps the crowds in good humor for about two hours.

The Flying Wards

The zoo carried by Sells-Floto has been augmented by many new animals, making it the largest of its kind on the road.  In “Clown Alley,” there are half a hundred merrymakers, while of daring aerialists and equestrians there are scores, among them being The Famous Flying Wards, two troupes of 18 people, the Hobsons, bareback riders unequaled in their line, a group of liberty horses of which there are 36 performers who do their work without direction.  There are too many trained animal acts to attempt to enumerate, and almost countless other astonishing novelty acts.


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