A “Bit” of Looking Back – Youngsters’ Halloween Trick or Treat to Aid UNICEF Fund (October, 1959)

Youngsters’ Halloween Trick or Treat to Aid UNICEF Fund

From The Malakoff News
Friday, October 30, 1959

The Halloween “Trick or Treat,” by the youngsters this year is designed to benefit UNICEF, a nation-wide organization of Woman’s Society of Christian Service of the Methodist Churches for the relief of underprivileged children throughout the world.

The effort here is being sponsored by the woman’s organization of the local Methodist Church, under the leadership of Mrs. Condrey, wife of the church pastor, the Rev. Bert Condrey.

Saturday evening, Halloween, Mrs. Condrey said, a number of the children of the community will be going out to “Trick or Treat” for UNICEF, and she encourages a wholesome welcome to these little ghosts and goblins.  Those youngsters, who will carry out the benefit idea for the relief of foreign children, will have specially marked containers and they will be wearing an identification tag.  These children, Mrs. Condrey pointed out, will be sharing their fun with their contemporaries in far-off countries.  They will appreciate any and all contributions.

Last year, Mrs. Condrey recalls, more than two million American young people, representing 9,500 communities, trick or treated for UNICEF.  The idea, started by one Sunday School Class just nine years ago, has spread rapidly throughout the nation.

Three quarters of the world’s children – a staggering 750 million –  live in areas lacking the barest medical essentials, and most of these children receive the equivalent of one school lunch every two days.  Through UNICEF, pennies go a long way toward helping them through the following, Mrs. Condrey said:

  1. The control of mass diseases, such as TB, trachoma, leprosy, and yaws.
  2. The fight against malnutrition.
  3. Improved maternal and child care.

Many children in Italy, Mrs. Condrey said, call a cow UNICEF because they never tasted milk before UNICEF came into being.  Many children in Brazil think the American word for “truck” is UNICEF.

In all, Mrs. Condrey said, fifty million children and mothers owed their health or even their lives last year alone to what is considered the greatest human rescue operation ever undertaken.

Malakoff people, Mrs. Condrey said, will have a part in this great humanitarian effort tomorrow evening when the youngsters of the community make their annual “Trick or Treat” rounds on Halloween.   It is hoped residents will receive them cordially and that they will be generous in their gifts.


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