A “Bit” of Looking Back – Film Has Edith Storey and an All-Star Cast (November, 1925)

Film Has Edith Storey and an All-Star Cast

“Moon Madness” Story of the Orient Shows Actress in Favorite Role

From The Malakoff News
Thursday, November 16, 1925

Edith Storey

Way back in the dim, remote days of ancient Egypt, there must have lived an Egyptian princess, who in her present incarnation is Edith Storey, who plays the lead in “Moon Madness,” the Robertson Cole special with an all-star cast, which will head the bill at the Rex Theatre on November 23rd.

At least so Miss Storey believes, for she is never happier than when she is wearing the picturesque garments of a maid of the East and is in the rich, luxurious atmosphere of that  fabled land.

And indeed, Miss Storey has a reason to say this, for she has won her greatest successes in plays in which she portrays the veiled beauty of the Harem, as all screen fans will know when they recall “Aladdin From Broadway” and “Dust of Egypt.”

In “Moon Madness,” Miss Storey is once again seen in her favorite role against a background of Oriental splendor, and in a story which allows her to rise to extreme emotional heights.


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