A “Bit” of Looking Back – Death of a Child (November,1921)

Death of a Child

from The Malakoff News
November 17, 1921

The Death Angel visited the home of Mr. and Mrs. Alton Cartlidge at 6:30 Tuesday morning and carried away the spirit of their sweet little girl, Florence Imogene, to a home far sweeter and brighter than this, where there is no more suffering.

God had loaned this sweet little girl to them for two years and five days.  She was the joy of their life and no one knows how they will miss her, all seems dark and dreary to the parents, but God said, “Let not your heart be troubled for I go to prepare a place for you.”  Little Imogene was sick only a short time, she having died with that dreaded disease, diphtheria.  All that loving hands could do was done to save the life of this sweet baby, but God claimed her for his own.  He needed some buds for his bouquet in Heaven and plucked one.  Her little body was laid to rest Tuesday at 4 p.m.  Rev. D. R. Cartlidge held the funeral services at the Cemetery.  He read a part of

Reverend D. R. Cartlidge

the 14th Chapter of John and made such a beautiful and touching talk.

Our hearts go out in sympathy for you, dear parents, but look to God; He alone can comfort and heal the broken hearts.  Your ties are stronger in Heaven to look to Him.


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