Birthday Dinner (February, 1925)

Birthday Dinner

From The Malakoff News
19 February, 1925

Postmaster Louis J. Scholl

Postmaster Louis J. Scholl, Sr.

Yesterday, February 18th, Postmaster Louis J. Scholl was entertained at a birthday dinner at the country home of Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Clay, northeast of town in the Oakland settlement.  The dinner was the outcome of a little age guessing contest between Mr. Clay and the Postmaster, each missing by one year, but it was discovered that both were born Feb. 18th and two years apart.  Their combined ages are 130 years, Mr. Clay being the older.

About eleven o’clock, Mr. A. L. Clay, accompanied by Mrs. J. B. Clay and sister, and the Postmaster, drove out to the home, and it was not long until the call for dinner was given, and upon entering the dining room, all were seated around a table that fairly groaned with good things to eat.  Everyone seemed to be in the best of condition to do justice to genuine old-fashioned country dinner like our mothers used to prepare with all the modern trimmings added thereto.

There could be no question as to whether the dinner was enjoyed, for the smiling countenance of Mrs. Clay betokened her appreciation of the keen relish with which each guest participated.

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