Shooting Rights for Females? (February, 1967)

Shooting Rights for Females?

From The Malakoff News
17 February, 1967

In a year when one of the biggest issues was expected to revolve around women’s property rights, State Representative Bob Bass has shifted legislative emphasis to equal rights for females.

Bass, a DeKalb Democrat, returned to Austin Sunday from Toronto, Canada, where he outlined his proposed legislation which would make it legal for a wife to kill her husband’s lover if she finds them in the act of adultery.

State Representative Robert Wilton "Bob" Bass

State Representative Robert Wilton “Bob” Bass

Explaining his views for a 30 minute Canadian Broadcasting Corp. television special, Bass pointed out that under present Texas law, a man can kill his wife’s lover if he finds them in bed together. The new law would give a woman the same opportunity if the situation was reversed.The law as it now stands has been on the books since the Spanish ruled Texas. “It comes up maybe three, four times a year. But it’s an accepted fact, and there is little publicity about it,” Bass said.

In past years, there have been movements for repeal of the law, but Bass feels the prevailing sentiment in the legislature feels that the law is necessary.

“I talked to several members, and none of them were interested in repeal,” Bass said.

“I think a man should be able to protect his home, you might say his property, as long as he’s contributing to the full support of his wife. The home needs protection. I’m just giving women equal rights with men to shoot the paramour.”

A veteran legislator, Bass feels the bill will encounter little opposition. Most men will not feel strongly about it, he said, and most women will probably not oppose it.

NOTE:  For more information on Representative Bob Bass, please see this link:


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