A “Bit” of Looking Back – “Old Betsy” Goes to Eustace (February, 1956)

“Old Betsy” Goes to Eustace
From The Malakoff News
Friday, February 24, 1956Old Betsy

Malakoff’s original fire truck, affectionately known among the firemen and the townspeople generally as “Old Betsy,” found a useful place in a new home Wednesday when the unit was purchased by the newly organized fire department in the town of Eustace.

The sale of the town’s first piece of fire fighting equipment was made through the mutual effort of the volunteer fire department and the City Council. The truck, with a substantial amount of hose, was sold at a low price, which was prompted by the town’s desire to aid a sister community in their effort to establish a means of fire protection.

The truck, which was financed here through public subscription, was brought from the City of Overton in September, 1949, and served the town and surrounding communities faithfully and well until it was placed in semi-retirement following the purchase of the newer and more powerful truck last Fall.

“Old Betsy” was delivered to a committee representing the Eustace Volunteer Fire Department Wednesday immediately after the sale. The committee included C. R. Pickle, Baker Watkins, and Homer Smith.


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