Malakoff School Board (1948-1949)

Malakoff School Board 1948-49

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6 thoughts on “Malakoff School Board (1948-1949)

  1. Good to see you still doing your thing. I always enjoy seeing all the old times. I’m hanging on up here in here in Tennessee. Now that I’m 80 I don’t get back to Malakoff very often. Regards, Sonny Cade

  2. Hey, Sonny, I see your post. Do you still play tennis? I too approach 80 and my wife and I live in North Houston. I graduated in 57 with your sister. Yes love the history posts that Britt provides. As I view this post I remember each of these men who made Malakoff a great place to grow up. It was because of dedicated men like these that our schools in Malakoff were outstanding. Hey, is that a drawing of a PADDLE at the end of the article??? Don Henderson, Malakoff ’57

  3. Hi Britt.  I tried to call Patsy last week but the message said the telephone was no longer working.     I was trying to let her know Jean Mitchell Owens passed away and  was in Bossier City.  I know Jean and Patsy used to keep in touch.  I hope nothing is wrong with Patsy.  Please give her my best.Betty 

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