Gov. Ross Sterling Delivers Short Address Here Friday

From The Malakoff News
Thursday, August 11, 1932

The Hon. Ross S. Sterling, Governor of Texas, was a distinguished visitor in the city last Friday afternoon, as he was making the rounds of this county in the interests of his campaign for re-election for a second term.

The Governor and his party arrived in the city shortly after 2 o’clock and mounted immediately the speaking platform which had been arranged for him in front of Weir’s

Ross Shaw Sterling Governor of Texas - CopyPharmacy and during the next few minutes delivered a short address to the voting public here.  During the course of his remarks, the Governor pointed out many steps in advancement the great state of Texas has made during his administration and pointed with pride to the penitentiary system that has undergone marked improvement during the past two years.  He declared that 82 percent of the foods that are consumed by convicts in this state are raised on their own prison farms.

Mr. Sterling was preceded in the speaking here by Mr. Frank Oglesby of Fort Worth, who spoke in his behalf and who was on the platform when the Governor arrived.  Following the Governor’s address, Mr. John Easterwood spoke in behalf of Mrs. Ferguson.

Ross Shaw Sterling was elected Governor of Texas in 1930, having defeated Miriam A. “Ma” Ferguson in the Democratic primary run-off in August of that year.  However, his administration lasted only two years, as in the 1932 gubernatorial campaign, “Ma” Ferguson led Sterling by over 100,000 votes in the Democratic primary in May and went on to win the Democratic nomination that August, shortly after Governor Sterling made his campaign address in Malakoff.

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