Schools to Open Here on Tuesday, Sept. 5th

Starkey Begins Eighth Year as Superintendent

From The Malakoff News
Friday, September 1, 1961

The Malakoff Public Schools will open classes for the year 1961-62 next Tuesday, September 5th, as Norris Starkey begins his eighth year as Superintendent of Public Instruction.

The outlook for this coming year, Mr. Starkey told the News, is very good.  The faculty for the new year is complete, and the scholastic census, he said, shows a fair increase over last year’s enrollment.

Registration of the elementary school students will be held today, and the busses into theNorrisStarkey rural areas will make their runs this morning.  The lunch room,  however, Mr. Starkey said, will not be open for the registration day as the students will be at school only part of the day.  The classes will start on their full day’s schedule next Tuesday morning.

Faculty Complete

The school faculty for the high school and elementary grades and the Lincoln High School have been completed and the stage is all set for the first day of the  new fall and winter terms.

The faculty, much the same as that of last year, has been named by Supt. Starkey as follows:

HIGH SCHOOLS – Bob Farmer, Principal; Mrs. Alice Cartlidge, English; Mrs. Dorothy Hardy, social studies and choral music; Mrs. Bernice Sturgeon,  business administration; Charles Wetzel, band; Bill Loggins, coach and science; Mrs. Fahy Lewis, home economics; H. H. Cade, vocational agriculture; S. R. Quattlebaum, counselor.

GRAMMAR SCHOOL:  Neal Lawson, principal and science; Mrs. Kathryn Jenkins, first grade; Mrs. Loverne Moyer, second grade; Mrs. Peggy Farmer, third grade; Mrs. Flarra Larkin, fourth grade; Mrs. Gladys Lawson, firth grade; Mrs. Ollie Loggins, sixth grade and Spanish; Miss Anne Pope Gilreath, seventh grade and math; Mrs. Cecelia Tindell, eighth grade; Mrs. Inez Starkey, language arts and librarian; Mrs. Berwyn McAdams, health education.

LINCOLN HIGH: L. E. Orr, principal, math and science; Mrs. Maude Orr, third grade; Mrs. Georgia Brown, first and second grades; Mrs. Jesse Barron, fifth and sixth grades; Mrs. Fayretta Anderson, seventh and eighth grades; Carl Anderson, social science; Mrs. Eunice Cannon, language arts; B. W. Tatum,  counselor; and Mrs. Doris Price, librarian.


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