Malakoff People Safe in Florida

from The Malakoff News
Thursday, September 30, 1926

News has been received rom Mrs. R. K. Lindamood, formerly Miss Lillie Robertson, daughter of Mrs. Jess Robertson of this city, from Dania, Florida, stating that they were safe and well.  Dania is a small town a short distance from Miami, Florida, which was totally destroyed by a hurricane a few days ago.

Mrs. Lindamood stated in a letter to her parents last week that something over 6,000 people were killed in Miami and about 50 in the little town of Dania.  The authorities in Miami are burying the dead in trenches as there are not enough coffins to take care of them.  The Red Cross is taking ca the wounded and feeding the people there as everything has been destroyed and nothing can be purchased.  She also said that the people all over the United States are sending food and clothing to the people in this stricken district.

The authorities are offering the survivors free transportation in order to get them out of that part of the country.  They are afraid of yellow Fever that sometimes follows in the miami-hurricane-of-1926wake of a Gulf storm or hurricane, which many times collect more toll in human lives than does the hurricane.

Mrs. Lindamood said that the house she and her husband were living in was a two story structure and was completely wrecked.  The roof had blown off and the walls were falling apart when she left it.  She mentioned many instances where lives were lost and where property was destroyed.  She said that the hurricane was beyond anyone’s imagination, that one would have to see it to believe the awful things that happened during those terrible twenty-four hours that it took the hurricane to pass over.


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