Neal Lawson Named President of Local Rotary Organization

from The Malakoff News
Friday, March 18, 1955

In the regular Tuesday noon meeting  this week of the Malakoff Rotary Club, Neal Lawson, principal of the elementary department of the Malakoff Public Schools, was elected president for the coming Rotary year.

Other officers named included Dr. Clifford Haynes as vice-president and James E. Bien, who was re-elected secretary of the civic organization.NealLawson2

The directors for the coming year, which begins on the first Tuesday in July, will include C. O. Dodson, retiring president; T. H. Oliver of Trinidad; C. C. Lake; and Richard Tanner.

Payne is Speaker

For the Tuesday meeting, the club had as its guest speaker, J. Howard Payne, Dallas postmaster.  Mr. Payne, a Rotarian for the past 38 years, was the guest of an old friend, Rotarian E. H. Gatlin, program chairman for the day.

Other visitors for the Tuesday program were Frank LaRue, John R. Gibson, and Charles Hawn of the Athens Club and Joe Butler and R. L. Harris, Rotarians from Corsicana.



2 thoughts on “Neal Lawson Named President of Local Rotary Organization

  1. I so loved Mr. Lawson. While many or most of the kids were terrified of him, I knew a side of him that was not “scary”. I remember the one and only time I was ever sent to the office was by his wife, Mrs. Lawson. She and Miss Anne Pope had been standing outside of their classrooms talking and I will say many in our classroom were talking and acting up while I was in my desk, looking through a Juicy Fruit gum wrapper. I was sent to the office. Now I will say I was terrified of being sent to the office especially if my parents found out about it. I knocked on his door frame because the door was open and he told me to come inside and asked me what I was doing there. Through my tears I told him what I had been doing and why I was there. I could almost see the smile on his face as he tried so hard not to laugh but to scold me for doing what I had done and to not ever do that again. I promised and I was released to go back to my classroom. I was later told by my Daddy that Mr. Lawson had told him about it and had laughed but of course he couldn’t let me know it. I was his office helper and sold ice creams to students after lunch. I cleaned the Science room for him and I always liked him. The day I got myself “locked in” the teachers lounge bathroom was the funniest. The band bus was there to pick us up and take us to the band hall. I had grabbed my trombone case and headed to the bus but even as pre teen I had the world’s smallest bladder. I got to the teachers lounge and I knew there was a bathroom in there so I went inside there to quickly go to the bathroom and then catch the bus. However when I tried to unlock the door to leave it would not budge. I could hear voices and the distinct voice of Mr. Lawson standing on those steps and asking the others “where is LaDona?” They didn’t know because I had not told anyone what I was doing. There was this tiny little window in that bathroom and I opened that window and with fear in my voice said “here I am Mr. Lawson but I can’t get the door open”. He tried the door and then told the bus to go on that I wouldn’t be there that day. He had to get the janitor to take the door off the hinges off the door in order to free me. I was crying and he was laughing. He did have a sense of humor and I always remembered how kind he had been to me. Just wanted to share a couple of stories I had about Mr. Lawson.

  2. I posted a couple of stories about Mr. Lawson and me. I always respected and liked him very much. Hope you enjoy the stories. I certainly remember them both very well. LD

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