Tiger Kittens Even Score with Kemp Jrs.

From The Malakoff News
Friday, October 21, 1955

The Malakoff elementary school Kittens, coached by Principal Neal Lawson, defeated the Kemp school’s junior team here Tuesday night by a score of 7 to 6, to even the score for the season’s play

The Kemp lads won the first game on their own field earlier in the season by the score of 13 to 6.

1956 Malakoff Kittens

The Malakoff Kittens!
FRONT ROW:  Dukes, Sorrell, Shumate, Shelton, Moore, Faulk, Dosser, and Rasco
MIDDLE ROW:  Price, Dodson, Mitchell, Bailey, Smith, Jordan, Wilcox, Nash, Fitzgerald, Briggs
BACK ROW:  Coach Lawson, Tidball, Kirby, Tarkington, Stanfield, Holt, Starkes, Lerwis, Surls, Weaks

Jerry Stanfield put the locals in the lead with the winning score late in the final quarter on a 40-yard touchdown sprint.  He also ran over the extra point.  Kemp scored in the 3rd quarter to gain a temporary lead.

One thought on “Tiger Kittens Even Score with Kemp Jrs.

  1. This is a group picture showing many “kids” that I remember. Those that are still alive are now in their 70’s. Neil Lawson, their coach was the Malakoff Grammar school principal and wore many hats. One hat was his coaching the players in Malakoff 6th-8th grades. His dedication prepared these kids for high school football. When he began his coaching he went to the bank and applied for a personal loan so he could buy equipment for his team. He began this back in the early 50’s and contributed to the later success of the Tiger High School teams. Gordon Lynne (Rooster) Dodson was my neighbor, as well as Sammie Shelton and we all know James Surls ()world renowned artist). Great post.

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