A “Bit” About Britt

I am a simple boy from Malakoff.  My mother’s family (The Paynes)  came to Texas from Alabama when this magnificent land was still part of Mexico’s state of Coahuila y Tejas.  The Paynes have been in and around Anderson and Henderson Counties since 1845.  My great-great grandfather, William K. Payne (one of the first sheriffs of Anderson County) and his wife, Martha J. Woodard Payne (a Methodist minister’s daughter) came to the area near Payne Cemetery and settled there in 1856.  The various lines of my family (the Paynes, Gentrys, Middletons, Finneys, Miles, Knotts, and Thompsons) helped settle and build this town I called home for so many years– figuratively and literally.  The fabric of Malakoff is the fabric of my family, and its history is the history of my people.BT 2017

I am the proud son of Major Arthur Miles “Buddy” Thompson and Patricia Ann Payne Thompson

…the grandson of Sandy Russell Thompson and Carrie Amanda Miles Thompson; of William Britton “Son” Payne, Jr. and Margaret Knotts Payne

…the great-grandson of William Arthur Thompson and Rebecca Alice Nelson Thompson; of Captain John Lewis Miles and Roxalina Diana Middleton Miles; of William Britton Payne, Sr. and Maude Amanda Finney Payne; of Albert Ross Knotts and English Marvin Gentry Knotts

…and from what I have found so far in my genealogical journey, the great-great grandson of William James Thompson and Elimra Thompson; of Aquilla Miles and Elizabeth P. Davis Miles; of Thomas James Middleton and Mary Ann Frederick Middleton; of Captain William K. Payne and Martha J. Woodard Payne; of William Horace Finney and Alabama Rivers Johnson Finney; of  William Henry Knotts and Delilah Ann Stephenson; of William Jefferson Gentry and Monterrey Indiana Burke Gentry…

And on and on…

I am the product of them all…

10 thoughts on “A “Bit” About Britt

    • Loretta,
      Thanks so much! I think what you are doing with “Around the Town” is wonderful! And thank you for your kind words about this site. It’s fun to do.

  1. Britt,
    This is a fun trip down memory lane, look forward to more and more. I know that Tuttah and Margaret are happy that you are here to be historian of their beloved town. Thanks for taking the time so we can enjoy the past.

    • Deb,

      So good to hear from you! And thank you so very much for your kind words. I miss Tuttah and Mama and so many of the people we loved so dearly in Malakoff.

      With kindest personal regards,

  2. I have enjoyed your website very much. My Grandfather, C.M.Gilmore, lived in Malakoff from around 1937 until his death in 2001. He worked for the Cotton Belt Railroad 1918-1968 and was the station agent at the old Malakoff depot from about ’37 until ’68. He was a well-known golfer and played at Star Harbor until shortly before his death at age 101. He loved Malakoff very much and he would have loved the way the history of his town is not being ignored. Keep up the good work–Randy Dann

    • Randy,

      Thank you so much for your kind words. I had the distinct honor of knowing your grandfather after we moved back to Malakoff and shared many, many pleasant hours with him on the golf course at Star Harbor. Mr. Gilmore was one of the kindest, most gentile people I have ever known, and he taught me much about golf and much about life…he loved both so much…

      I would be so thrilled if you have any pictures of your grandfather that you would allow me to share on this site, especially from his days with the railroad and at the old Malakoff depot…people at home remember him affectionately as I do and would love to see photos of him and of his family, as well as hearing any recollections you may have of him.

      Thank you again for your post. You made my day today!

      With kindest personal regards, I remain,
      Sincerely yours,

    • My family and I just found this site. We were looking up information on Doc and Dollie Boyett. Doc and Dollie were my grandparents. Their last child, Helon Boyett Martin, was my mother. We have enjoyed reading your Bits from Britt about Malakoff. Thank you, Sudie Martin Foster

  3. I was about 8 years old when Mr. Gilmore showed me how the telegraph worked, sending a message to someone and hearing the reply. When I went into telecommunications and learned the telegraph was the origin of asynchronous communications, I immediately remembered my time with Mr. Gilmore. I suspect he probably had T1 or better in his home by the time of his death. What a difference!

  4. Hi Britt,

    Steve Rogers here. I did not realize your dad was the hero he is. Also, I had a crush on your mom. Sorry.

    God bless!


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