Swanson Sisters Get Together After Twenty Years

from The Malakoff News
Friday, May 10, 1957

The home of Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Noble in Corsicana was the scene of a gathering of Mrs. Noble’s seven sisters and their husbands for dinner on Sunday, April 21, 1957.

The eight sisters are daughters of the late Mr. and Mrs. T. J. Swanson, pioneer residents of Malakoff.  They were all born and reared in Malakoff and attended the Malakoff public schools.

This occasion had a special significance since it was the first time the sisters had been together since 1937 and in honor of the reunion, the above picture and colored movies were made during the afternoon.


The above group picture is that of the eight daughters of the late Mr. and Mrs. Tom J. Swanson, who were all together recently for the first time since 1937.  Standing left to right, they are: Mrs. Don DePuy of Milford; Mrs. W. W. Jackson, Malakoff; Mrs. Monta Miles, Kerens; Mrs. Geo. F. Brooks, Temple; Mrs. Sue Mosshart, Houston; and Mrs. J. H. Noble, Corsicana.  Seated are Mrs. Ann Dillard and Mrs. Emma V. Ackerman, both of Fort Worth.

Standing from left to right in the picture, they will be remembered here as Josephine, Cordie, Cecil, Aline, Sue and Grace.  Seated are Ann and Emma V.

The picture was taken in the living room of Mrs. Noble’s home.  The oil portrait in the picture is of Mrs. Fred (Tommy Jean) Maisel, only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Noble.

In the afternoon, the family was joined by Dr. and Mrs. Bill G. Brooks of Ft. Worth, son of Mr. and Mrs. George Brooks; and Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Jackson and Janice and W. L., Jr.  Mr. Jackson is a son of the W. W. Jacksons of Malakoff.


A “Bit” of Family History – William Britton Payne, Sr.

Photograph taken in 1895 in Corsicana, Texas

William Britton Payne, Sr. was born September 15, 1862 in Henderson County, Texas, and died April 12, 1916 in Malakoff, Texas. 

He was the fourth child of Captain William K. Payne, (the namesake of Payne Springs, Texas) and Martha J. Woodard Payne. William K. Payne was a delegate from Henderson County to the Texas secession convention and a signer of the ordinance of secession. He raised and commanded Company E, known as “Captain Payne’s Company,” 13th Texas Cavalry, “Burnett’s Mounted Volunteers,” C. S. A.

He married Maud Amanda Finney, daughter of William Horace Finney and Alabama Rivers Johnson.  Maud Finney Payne was born September 10, 1874 in Malakoff, Texas, and died November 27, 1956 in Malakoff, Texas.

William Britton Payne, Sr. was a farmer, fiddle player, and a charter member of Malakoff Masonic Lodge #759, which was granted its charter by the Grand Lodge of Texas, Ancient Free & Accepted Masons, on December 6, 1894.

Children of William Britton Payne, Sr. and Maud Amanda Finney Payne are:

William Britton “Son” Payne, Jr., born November 11, 1894 in Malakoff, Texas; died February 07, 1948 in Dallas, Texas
Howard Tillman Payne. Born February 3, 1897; died December 15, 1958 in Dallas, Texas
Lena Payne, born October 13, 1898; died June 29, 1971 in Malakoff, Texas
Dewey Payne, born September 9, 1900 in Malakoff, Texas; died 1944 in Houston, Texas
Robert Maurice “Boots” Payne, born December 29, 1903; died February 14, 1980 in El Paso, Texas
Kathleen Payne, born August 18, 1911; died August 23, 1924 in Malakoff, Texas

A “Bit” of Trivia:  In 1901, The Athens Review reported on an incident in which William Britton Payne, Sr.  and Tex Boyett were involved in “…a difficulty in Malakoff” which resulted in Tex Boyett’s being shot “…very close to the heart.”  William Britton Payne, Sr. turned himself in the next day and apparently was not later indicted in the shooting…

 from The Athens Review, 1901

A “Bit” of Family History – Records from The Gentry Family Bible



(Click on the link, titled “Gentry Family Bible”  above to view a .pdf of birth and death records of the Gentry family of Malakoff)
SURNAMES: Gentry, Tanner, Burke, McGregor
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Images courtesy of Anthony Gentry “Tony ” Riddlesperger