The 1968-1969 Malakoff High School Tiger Marching Band

1968-69 MHS Band

from The 1969 Tiger

Band Director: Phillip Hatton
Drum Major: Wayne Callaway


Malakoff School Board (1948-1949)

Malakoff School Board 1948-49

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Malakoff Faces and Places – Ida Maye Gray Payne

Ida Mae Grey Payne

from The Malakoff News21 April, 1921

from The Malakoff News
21 April, 1921

NOTE: Ida Maye Gray was born 20 December, 1903 in Coolidge, Limestone County, Texas to Bartley “Bud” Gray (1863-1918) and Rose Sellers Gray (1871-1912).  A talented and college-educated musician, Ida Maye taught music in the Malakoff schools, beginning in the 1920 school year.

She married William Britton “Son” Payne, Jr. on 15 April, 1921.  They had one son, William Bartley Payne, born on 12 January, 1922.  Ida Maye Gray Payne died on 27 March, 1923.  I have not, as of yet, found a death certificate to list cause of death.  She is buried in the Payne plot in the Malakoff City Cemetery beside William Britton “Son” Payne, Jr.


Malakoff Faces and Places – Dodd Lake

Dodd Lake ###


Malakoff Faces and Places – Reverend David Rivers Cartlidge

Rev. David Rivers (D. R.) Cartlidge
From The Athens Weekly Review
Account of Edna Evans
January 28, 1926
Additional research by Britt Thompson

Rev. David Rivers (D. R.) Cartlidge was born in Hohenlinden in Chickasha County, Mississippi on November 13, 1874 and came to Texas with his parents, John B. Cartlidge and Mary Ann Loveless Cartlidge, when he was ten years old. He

Reverend David Rivers Cartlidge

Reverend David Rivers Cartlidge

first lived in Navarro County near Kerens. He was called to the ministry in 1905 and was chosen pastor of La Rue and Malakoff churches in this county. He served a period of fourteen years without any vacations except one.

He married Miss Annie Laura Richards on September 4, 1894. They had one girl, Leeta, and four boys; Sterling, Fayette, Aubrey, and Jared. The family resided in Athens where they built a beautiful home. His long and continued service with the two congregations for which he served as minister gave evidence that he was one to be appreciated and that he deserved the full respect and esteem of those among whom he labored.

Besides Brother Cartlidge’s regular work as a pastor to the two congregations, he was active every year conducting revival meetings. Through these revivals, many souls were won to Christ. He was the instrument through which many rural and urban churches were built or greatly improved. He speeded his quota of happy couples along their matrimonial way and extended the hand of charity to the needy. He gave spiritual comfort to the sick and ailing and said the last rites to the departed. His labor was one of love and devotion performed for the cause of God. He chose a field in which the pecuniary rewards were small. His performance was arduous in this field, but his cheerful response to the calls made upon him lightened the burden. The certainty of his reward in the great hereafter was only richer because of his ultimate performance.

Rev. David Rivers Cartlidge tombstone

Rev. David Rivers Cartlidge tombstone

Brother Cartlidge measured up in full to his duties as a lay citizen and could always be found in the ranks of those who were in the lead in promising wholesome worthwhile advancement of the interest of the country.

David Rivers Cartlidge died in Athens, Texas on 7 October, 1942 and is buried in the Athens City Cemetery.  His death certificate states that he was the minister at West Athens Baptist Church at the time of his passing.


Malakoff Faces and Places – Malakoff Pressed Brick Company (Malakoff, Texas)

texas clay 4

Malakoff Pressed Brick Company
Malakoff, Texas
Date of photograph unknown


Malakoff Faces and Places – Aerial Photograph of Texas Clay (Malakoff, Texas)

texas clay 5a

Texas Clay
Malakoff, Texas
Date of photograph unknown