Henderson County Short in May Quota, Independence Bonds

from The Malakoff News
Friday, June 9, 1950

Henderson County, according to the report by the Dallas office of the U. S. Savings Bonds

Hope Crosby 1950 US Savings Bonds

1950 U.S. Savings Bond Advertisement

Division, fell far short of the $24,000 quota set for the month of May.   The total amount of bonds sold in the county during the month was given at $5,493.75, which figured only 22.89 percent of the allotted quota.


Mrs. Walter L. Jackson Honored With Shower

from The Malakoff News
Friday, June 9, 1950

Mrs. Walter Louis Jackson, the former Miss Mary Louise Burks, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Burks of this city was honored with a miscellaneous shower Thursday afternoon between 3:00 and 5:00 at the home of Mrs. M. L. Drake.mlj - Copy

Hostesses for the affair were Mrs. Lonnie Hoskins and Mrs. M. L. Drake.

The table was beautifully decorated with pink gladiolas on a reflector and a miniature bride and groom.

Barbara Drake presided at the Bride’s Book.

The honoree received many useful and beautiful gifts.

The couple left Friday for College Station where they will make their home until he finishes school.


Overnight Mail Delivery to California Announced

from The Malakoff News
Friday, June 7, 1963

Postmaster M. D. Fowler Maynard Fowler Postmasterannounced today a new overnight mail delivery service between Malakoff and Los Angeles beginning Sunday, June 2. Mail delivered to the Post Office by 5:30 p.m., said Mr. Fowler, will be delivered to most major California cities first thing the next day.  The air flight 89 leaves Dallas at 10:55 p.m. and arrives in Los Angeles at 12:45 a.m. in time for the first letter carrier delivery of the morning.

Minister’s Son to Conduct Assembly of God Revival

from The Malakoff News
Friday, June 7, 1957

The Rev. Jerald Willis, Assembly of God evangelist and son of the local pastor, the Rev. Ray EvangelistWillis, will conduct a series of meetings here beginning June 9th.

The visiting minister is a graduate of the Southern Bible Institute of  Waxahachie, Texas.  He has been in evangelistic work for the Assembly of God Churches for the past two years.

Old-fashioned preaching, the pastor said, will be presented at each of the night services during the campaign, which is expected to continue for two weeks of possibly longer.  The nightly programs will also feature southern style singing and instrumental music.  The public is invited to attend these services.

Collins Found Dead

from The Malakoff News
February 19, 1925

Cave City, Ky. – After seventeen days of hard work on the part of his rescuers, Floyd CollinsFloyd Collins, who was trapped  by a natural rock vise in Sand Cave on January 30, was reached and found dead at 2:45 Monday afternoon.


It was reported by a workman that owing to the roof above Collins giving way, they were able to reach him several hours before they had expected.

For more information on Floyd Collins, please see this link:


Revival Meeting

from The Malakoff News
Thursday, February 12, 1914

I take this method of announcing our revival meeting, which is set for 1st Sunday in July.


My early announcement of this meeting is in order to get our forces well organized.

In this meeting, we shall need the cooperation of all the  people.  In order to have a successful meeting, it is the duty of each member of the church to begin now and attend all our weekly church services.  This will tend to build up the spiritual state of the church.

As soon as the weather will permit, I want us to continue our choir practice and here and now, I urge all our young people to attend regularly.  Let’s all pray and work daily for a great revival year.

Your pastor,
E. C. Escoe