A “Bit” of Looking Back – Thanksgiving Service (November, 1921)

Thanksgiving Service

From The Malakoff News
Thursday, November 24, 1921

Malakoff Methodist Church


We should all be thankful for the past year and everybody will meet at the Methodist Church at 7:00 o’clock p.m. tonight listen to a short program to be rendered, as our President of the United States has issued a Proclamation and our Governor has requested that we give thanks.  Let us in our best way give thanks for all the past good of the Divine Ruler of the Universe.  Meet and listen and give praises as best we can.  The following program will be rendered:

  1. Song –  “America” by the congregation
  2. Prayer by Brother Taber
  3. Our Flags by Boys and Girls
  4. Origin of Thanksgiving by J. J. Carson
  5. Song No. 209 by the congregation
  6. Solo by Mrs. Dodge Gentry
  7. Present Thanksgiving by Lee Riddlesperger
  8. Reading – “The Spirit of Thanksgiving” by Miss Sadie Carson
  9. Quartet by four young men
  10. Address – “Effect and Influences of Thanksgiving” by George Owen
  11. Song No. 96 by the congregation
  12. Essay by Miss Ora Williams
  13. Quartet by Mrs. Dodge Gentry, Mrs. J. D. Johnson, Carney Kirby and Frank Johnson
  14. Song No. 310 by the congregation