Cucumbers Good Price

from The Malakoff News
January 29, 1925

To those desiring to plant cucumbers at Malakoff and surrounding territory, will say, that PB Pickle Jarwe are now listing acreage for this year for for the convenience of the growers.  I am leaving contracts with Dodge Gentry and those wishing to plant please see Mr. Gentry at your earliest convenience and list your name, address, and amount you wish to plant, and we are also leaving the seed with Mr. Gentry.


Yours very truly,

C. H. Temple
Field manager for Price-Booker Mfg. Co.
Waco, Texas

Malakoff Faces and Places – The Dodge Gentry Home in Winter

A beautiful photograph of a beautiful Malakoff home in the snow…

The Dodge Gentry home in Malakoff
Date of photograph unknown

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