A “Bit” of Looking Back – Dallas Flyer Killed in Crash Monday was Brother of Malakoff Man (November, 1939)

Dallas Flyer Killed in Crash Monday was Brother of Malakoff Man

from The Malakoff News
November 3, 1939

Joseph A. Kilman, Jr. one of the two men killed in an airplane crash near Farmers Branch Monday was a brother of Dr. P. T. Kilman of Malakoff.  Kilman was a flying instructor for a basic army training school at Love Field and had with him a student flyer, C. H. Goodwin, Jr. of Stephenville at the time of the fatal accident.  Both of the men were killed when the plane crashed into the tracks of the Frisco-Rock Island railroad.

Kilman, who was only 25 years old, formerly of Greenville, had resided in Dallas since the first of July when he received employment at the opening of the army detachment at Love Field.  He had formerly operated a flying school at Greenville.  At the time of the fatal crash, according to the news dispatches, Kilman was riding in the front compartment of the army biplane.  His body, it was said, was badly mangled and it was thought that he died instantly.  The use of large steel cutters was necessary to remove both men from the wreckage.

Beside the brother here, young Kilman is survived by his wife, Mrs. Bonnie Mae Kilman; his parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Kilman; and three brothers, all of Greeneville; and two sisters, Mrs. A. V. Maroney of Dallas and Mrs. Arthur Darby, also of Greenville.