Phonograph Given Away Before Record Crowd at Ritz Thurs.

from The Malakoff News
November 18, 1923

No. 39246 Proved The Lucky Number for Little Miss Ruth Cleveland

The largest crowd in the history of the Ritz Theatre was present at their performance last Thursday evening, the time set for the giving away of a beautiful Orthophonic Phonograph to the holder of the luck coupon.  Mr. F. H. Rike, manager of the Ritz, stated that there were something over 300 people present on this occasion.Orthonic phonograph

The giving away of this this fine machine was an advertising stunt fostered by the Ritz management some time ago.  Four other business houses assisted in the scheme by giving away these tickets on cash purchases and accounts paid.  They were: J. W. Robertson, Roy I. Weir, Flagg Drug Company, and Dewey Payne.  All of these men declare the stunt a success and all are well satisfied with its outcome.

At the beginning of the drawing, Mr. Rike selected Dan Gentry, We. W. Phillips, and J. L. Clay to act as judges and little Miss Mary Charles Welborn was chosen to draw the ticket.  No. 039-26, te first ticket drawn proved to be the winner and was held by little Miss Ruth Cleveland of this city.