A “Bit” of Looking Back – Fishing Report (June, 1965)

Fishing Report…

From The Malakoff News
Friday, June 25, 1965

Clifton Crocker

The cats are on the prowl as is indicated by the above picture of Clifton Crocker of a thirteen and three quarter pound and six and three quarter pound channel cat that he caught recently on a trot line at the cut-off.  The same catch netted six more cat of smaller size.

Crocker, who manages the C&H sigh camp at the cut-off, reported that the big cat are running in deep water now but that the catches are good.

For some reason known only to the bass, these fighting bombshells are now hitting blue worms and only the day before Crocker’s catch, two unidentified men from Athens caught 27 bass weighing up to four pounds with such lures.

An estimated two hundred persons from far and near were trying their luck at the cut-off over the weekend.

Joe Barnett swears that Earl Gentry leased the catfish for $1.25 that was in the picture of Gentry and his brother-in-law that appeared in week before last’s paper.  Gentry vows he and hanks caught the 30 pound beauty at Lake Tawakoni.

Fowler Lucas of Trinidad and Scooter Gilmore of Malakoff are having their usual luck of always bringing home their limit.  They report a catch of 10 bass in less than an hour on Wednesday of last week and Gilmore on a fishing safari by himself brought home a nice string last Sunday morning that was picture worthy.  Most of their fishing  thus far has been near the banks around the Texas Power & Light Lake.

Those families around the Malakoff-Trinidad area who journeyed to more distant lakes over the weekend report bad luck on their outings as in most cases, they were rained out.

No reports have come in from other local lakes.