Malakoff Organizes Boys of Woodcraft: Officers Are Named

from The Malakoff News
Friday, July 1, 1949

A group of seventeen Malakoff boys, between the ages of 8 and 15 years, were organized Wednesday morning into a camp of “Boys of Woodcraft,” which is the junior organization of the Order of the Woodmen of the World.

The organization work, which has been in progress for several days, was completed and the organization perfected under the leadership of Col. W. H. Schmidt of Athens, Commander of the 8th Regiment, Uniform Rank, and District Manager for the organization.original-2366-woodmen-of-the-world-photo

The first officers to serve the newly organized camp here were names as follows: Bobby Lynn Smith, Captain and Marcus Jordan, Drill Sargent.  The Lodge Officers named were: Ronald Joe Robertson, Commander; Robert Cross, Adviser Lieutenant; Don Jordan, Banker; Bill Smith, Escort; Royce Shelton, Color Guard; and Billy Jean Smith, Sentry.

The lodge meetings, Col. Schmidt announced, will be held twice monthly in the Woodmen Hall, and recreational meetings will be held each week.

The adult committee on the junior organization’s affairs is composed of H. P. Bankston, H. L. Flagg, and C. O. Dodson.  Col. Schmidt will serve as instructor for the group.



Masons Install Officers

from The Malakoff News
Thursday, June 28, 1917

Monday night, the local lodge of Masons held their annual installation of officers, followed by speech making and refreshments consisting of ice cream and cake.

A large number of lodge members gathered with their families and a number of visitors from other lodges, and the affair proved to be both interesting and entertaining.Logo

The following officers were installed for the ensuing year:
E. W. Noble, W.M
E. A. Hall, S.W.
W. N. Flagg, J.W.
R. E. Skiles, Sec’y
J. M. Knutson, Treas.
S. L. Boyett, Tyler

The following appointed officers were also inducted into office:
R. A. Chipley, S.D.
Alford Chapman, J.D.
H. P. Barton, S.S.
H. L. Flagg, J.S.
H. B. Laney, Chaplain

Interesting speeches were made by Judge A. B. Watkins of Athens; Judge L. J. Kimbell; and A. S. Tanner.

After the speaking, a social hour was enjoyed, during which the refreshments were served.