A “Bit” of Looking Back – Y.M.C.A. War Fund (November, 1917)

Y.M.C.A. War Fund

J. J. Faulk

from The Malakoff News
22 November, 1917

Last Friday evening a committee of Gentlemen from Athens, consisting of Messrs. J. J. Faulk, C. H. Coleman, and Brad Bartlett, visiting Malakoff in the interest of the Y.M.C.A. war fund.  Senator Faulk in a short address to a number of our citizens briefly explained the objective of the movement, and a committee of five, consisting of Roy I. Weir, Hubert W. Barton, George B. Thompson, Dr. W. W. Beach and J. K. Derden were selected to solicit funds for this caused.

The gentlemen then left for Trinidad on a similar mission and from there went to Eustace to organize the movement at those places.

Up to the time of going to press, the committee had raised the sum of $69.75.

A “Bit” of Looking Back – Report of the Condition of the First National Bank at Malakoff, in the State of Texas (September, 1917)

from The Malakoff News
27 September, 1917

Hubert W. Barton, 1913
from “The Sou’wester Yearbook,” Southwestern University