A “Bit” of Looking Back – Rotary Club Elects Officers for Ensuing Club Year; Richards is New President (April, 1949)

Rotary Club Elects Officers for Ensuing Club Year; Richards is New President

from The Malakoff News

Superintendent M. B. Richards

Superintendent M. B. Richards

Friday, April 8, 1949

The Malakoff Rotary Club at the Tuesday Noon luncheon meeting completed the election of officers for the ensuing club year beginning on July 1st.

The new leaders selected by unanimous vote are: Supt. M. B. Richards, president; J. R. Yeager (Trinidad) vice-president; Clyde Humphries, secretary; and W. A. Trotman (Trinidad) treasurer.

Rotarian Joe Barnett, serving as principal speaker at the Tuesday program, discussed the faults of the club and the member Rotarians.  Among others, the speaker adjudged failure to function on the part of committees as the worst fault of all.  If each committee would operate with the president and function properly he said, a big difference could be noted in attendance and progress of the club.

Visiting Rotarians for the week=s meeting, included A. P. Smith, and Supt. J. R. Low of the Athens Club.





A “Bit” of Looking Back – Malakoff School Head Tenders Resignation Effective June 30th (March, 1953)

Malakoff School Head Tenders Resignation Effective June 30th

From The Malakoff News
Friday, March 6, 1953

Superintendent M. B. Richards, head of the Malakoff Independent School System during the past seven years, tendered his resignation to the board of trustees Monday afternoon.

M. B. Richards

M. B. Richards

The written letter of resignation was accepted in a called meeting of the board members on Tuesday.

Mr. Richards came to Malakoff in the summer of 1946 from Grapeland, Texas, where he had been serving as high school principal.

With the effective date of his resignation, Mr. Richards will have completed a quarter century in public school service. Thirteen of these years were spent in class rooms in his home county of Van Zandt.

In his letter of resignation, Mr. Richards told the board, “I have enjoyed the seven years as your school superintendent and I am leaving with a sincere desire to see the school continue to grow. If I may be of assistance,” he said, “ in helping secure the kind of man that is needed for the great responsibility that lies ahead, I am glad to offer my services.”

A “Bit” of Looking Back – Schools to Open Fall Term Sept. 5th (August, 1950)

Schools to Open Fall Term Sept. 5th

Supt. Richards Predicts Best Year in School’s History; Faculty is Complete

From The Malakoff News
Friday, August 25, 1950

Superintendent M. B. Richards

The Malakoff Public Schools will open their doors September 5 this year, at which time the students will begin registering for the 1950-51 school year.  The next day, Wednesday, classes are scheduled to begin, bringing hundreds of students together for the first time since last May.

Composed of 19 teachers, the combined faculties of the High School and Grade School will meet at the High School Friday, September 1, to begin preliminary preparations to Tuesday’s registration.

In announcing the opening date for the school, Superintendent M. B. Richards said, “I feel that the year 1950-51 is going to be the greatest year in the history of the Malakoff schools – I believe that we have the best boys and girls of any other school in the county and that we owe them more than the average school offers.”  Richards added that , “we plan to give them everything we can.”

Helping Richards to guide the fortunes of the school for the coming year are L. L. Moore and Neal Lawson, returning Principals of the High School and Grammar School, respectively.  Under these proven administrators, the local system has seven high school teacher, eight grade school teachers and a librarian.

Enlarged Curricula

An enlarged curricula will be offered to the Malakoff Public School students this year.  The high school will offer varied academic courses, vocational courses, and numerous extracurricular activities  to form a well-rounded school year.  As indicated above, Supt. Richards expects 1950-51 to be the most successful school year in the history of Malakoff.

Faculty assignments for the coming year are as follows:

Superintendent. M. B. Richards; Principals, L. L. Moore and Neal Lawson; librarian, Mrs. B. B. Richards; first grade, Gladys Dyer; second grade, Jean McCrary; third grade, Mary Lee Riddlesperger; fourth grade, Emily Patterson; fifth grade, Mrs. Neal Lawson; sixth grade Miss Annie Pope Gilreath; seventh grade, L. F. Porter and Billie Parker.

(High School) English, Doris Fowler; math Mrs. Ruth Maxfield; homemaking, Patsy Skeen; commercial, Opal Tanner; agriculture, Hylas Cade; Coach, Cameron Neal; and music, B. G. Scholl.