Malakoff Organizes Boys of Woodcraft: Officers Are Named

from The Malakoff News
Friday, July 1, 1949

A group of seventeen Malakoff boys, between the ages of 8 and 15 years, were organized Wednesday morning into a camp of “Boys of Woodcraft,” which is the junior organization of the Order of the Woodmen of the World.

The organization work, which has been in progress for several days, was completed and the organization perfected under the leadership of Col. W. H. Schmidt of Athens, Commander of the 8th Regiment, Uniform Rank, and District Manager for the organization.original-2366-woodmen-of-the-world-photo

The first officers to serve the newly organized camp here were names as follows: Bobby Lynn Smith, Captain and Marcus Jordan, Drill Sargent.  The Lodge Officers named were: Ronald Joe Robertson, Commander; Robert Cross, Adviser Lieutenant; Don Jordan, Banker; Bill Smith, Escort; Royce Shelton, Color Guard; and Billy Jean Smith, Sentry.

The lodge meetings, Col. Schmidt announced, will be held twice monthly in the Woodmen Hall, and recreational meetings will be held each week.

The adult committee on the junior organization’s affairs is composed of H. P. Bankston, H. L. Flagg, and C. O. Dodson.  Col. Schmidt will serve as instructor for the group.


A “Bit” of Looking Back – Letter Jackets to be Awarded Sixteen Members of ’52 Eleven (December, 1952)

Letter Jackets to be Awarded Sixteen Members of ’52 Eleven

from The Malakoff News
12 December, 1952

by Dwayne Garner

Coach E. B. Bishop

Coach E. B. Bishop

Sixteen members of the 1952 football squad will receive letter jackets in the near future at an appropriate assembly program, according to the announcement by Coach E. B. Bishop this week.

Among the lettermen are two seniors:: Jesse Garcia and Larry Andrews; six juniors: Gary Robertson, Doyle Shumate, Marcus Jordan, and Bobby Smith; five sophomores: Leamon Rogers, Big Allen, Lit Allen, Bill Smith, and Robert Lee Brannon; and three freshmen: Joyle McKinney, Bobby Rogers, and Donald Jordan.

The team manager, Gary Jackson, will letter in the sport also, but has elected to receive a basketball jacket, if and when he letters in that branch of athletics.

A “Bit” of Looking Back – Tigers Bounce Back in Second Half to Clip Fairfield Eagles, 12 to 6 in Season’s Opener

Tigers Bounce Back in Second Half to Clip Fairfield Eagles, 12 to 6 in Season’s Opener

From The Malakoff News
Friday, September 18, 1953

A fighting bunch of Tigers that woke up in the second half, neatly snatched a win from Class A Fairfield last Friday night, to the score of 12-6.  The game was played in Fairfield.

The first quarter saw a see-saw battle from both sides, neither team playing the kind of football each was capable of doing.  About the middle of the second period, Doug Whitesides of Fairfield, slammed across for the first touchdown of the game.  Their try for the extra point was low.

Just before the half, Marcus Jordan, Tiger halfback, plunged across for a tally.  This tied up the game, since Robert Cross’ point after touchdown failed to jell.

With the start of the third quarter, the tigers came roaring in and it was their game the rest of the way, although they made only one more touchdown.  This was late in the fourth period, with Jordan again carrying over.  The Tigers elected to run the ball over for the extra point but were stopped cold by the Eagles.

Statistics showed the two teams fairly even, although Malakoff made nine first downs to Fairfield’s six.  Both teams completed two passes each, and both had five incomplete.  The Tigers intercepted two of Fairfield’s passes, while the Eagles intercepted one of Malakoff’s.

It was a remarkably clean-fought affair, and players on both sides are to be congratulated for the good sportsmanship shown.  Very few penalties were assessed, and none for more than five yards at a time.

Outstanding for the Malakoff Tigers were Robert Brannon, Jordan, Robert Cross, Bill Smith, the Allen twins, and Kenneth Andrews.  Several boys were playing their first real high school football last week, and did amazingly well.

It looks very much like a winning season for the Tiger aggregation!

 NOTE FROM BRITT:  The Allen twins, mentioned in the article were Eulan “Lit” Allen and Hulan “Big” Allen…