Dodd’s Lake Sets Every Monday as Family Swim Day

from The Malakoff News
Friday, July 26, 1957

According to their advertisement, appearing elsewhere in this issue of The News, Dodd’s Dodd Lake Family Day AdLake, Malakoff’s Fun Resort, has designated Monday’s as “Family Swim Day,” on which the “whole family” will be permitted to swim for the single admission price of $1.00.

The special Family Monday’s, owner Melvin Dodd told The News this week, will be observed through the remainder of the current swimming season.  The $1.00 family price, Mr. Dodd said, will include dad, mom, and ALL of the children in the family, regardless of their number.  The family plan, he said, includes both the afternoon and evening hours.

The Ritz Theatre Again Closes Doors

from The Malakoff News
Thursday, July 2, 1931

The Ritz Theatre, which was re-opened here three weeks ago by Messrs. J. D. Frizell Ritz Theatre Closing 1931and Alvin Miller of Jacksonville, discontinued business again following the evening show Saturday. The building and equipment, which the management held under lease, was turned back to its owner, Mr. M. T. Dodd, last week.

It is understood that other parties are interested in securing the building and equipment to open the house again, but as yet, no definite statement has been made.