First Baptist Hosts Valentine Banquet (February, 1960)

First Baptist Hosts Valentine Banquet

From The Malakoff News
Friday, February 19, 1960

The First Baptist Church was host to the annual Valentine Banquet on February 13, 1960.  The theme for the banquet was, “An Indian Love Call.”  The banquet honored the Young People and Intermediate Departments with their guests.  The ceremonial feast for the occasion consisted of Thunder Bird, Tomahawk Chunks, Golden Suns, Indian Breads, Ground Wheat, War Paint, Big Muddy, and ‘A La Cherokee.

Reverend Byron Orand

Reverend Byron Orand

The fellowship hall was decorated with teepees, bows and arrows, Indian dolls, and cupids.  Red candles with red and white decorations were the outstanding colors.  The ceremonial activities consisted of:  Big Chief – Master of Ceremonies, Rev. Byron Orand; Totem Poles, Welcome Address, Mrs. Jack Hearn; Laughing Water – Response, Rita Cherry; Thanks to the Great Father – Doyle Scott.

Indian Brave and Princess: Gary Ridenhour and Lonnie Kay Hoskins represented the Intermediate Department.  They were presented with an Indian head band with feathers for having the best attendance record for the last four Sundays.

Wigwam Fires: Donna Drake singing “Indian Love Call” accompanied by Mrs. C. C. Lake.  Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Lake presented a musical love number.

Rev. Orand presented the Peace Talk with the theme being, “The Different Kinds of Love,” the greatest of these being “Our Love for Christ.”

Steve Haney dismissed the group with a Heap Good-by prayer.

Botht he program and banquet were prepared by Mrs. M. L. Drake, Mrs. Hack Hearn, Mrs. Bob Farmer, and Mrs. Byron Orand.  Other ladies of the church prepared pies and helped in many ways.

A “Bit” of Looking Back – First Baptist Church Chapel Choir (December, 1961)

from The Malakoff News22 December, 1961

from The Malakoff News
22 December, 1961

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