A “Bit” of Looking Back – Letters to Santa: Tracey Ferguson (December, 1963)

from The Malakoff News20 December, 1963

from The Malakoff News
20 December, 1963

A “Bit” of Looking Back – Miss Ferguson Wins Third at Recent Art Show (May,1965)

Miss Ferguson Wins Third at Recent Art Show

From The Malakoff News 
May, 14, 1965 

Miss Terry Ferguson, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. G. Ferguson of Malakoff, won third place in the intermediate division of oil paintings in the Annual Art Show, sponsored by the Art Department of the Women’s Club, which was held last weekend.

Mrs. A. P. Messer and Mrs. R. M. Bushell of Tyler served as judges.

Terry, a thirteen year old seventh grader in the Malakoff school, decided late last year that she wanted to take up painting and is now studying under Miss Dorothy Rierson of Athens. Mrs. Alton Price, Terry’s aunt, was indirectly responsible for Terry’s desire to become an artist. She became interested in the art while watching her aunt work.

The picture which garnered third place for Terry was one of a vase of tulips.