A “Bit” of Looking Back – Tredlow Lignite Co. to Put in New Lignite Mine (January, 1925)

Tredlow Lignite Co. to Put in New Lignite Mine
New Project to Cost Approximately $25,000.00

from The Malakoff News
January 15, 1925

Tredlow Lignite Company

Tredlow Lignite Company

The Tredlow Lignite Co. operated by the McCalister Coal and Fuel Co. started work several days ago on a new shaft mine to be located about three miles east of this city.

Mr. W. E. Phillips, General Manager of the company, says that this mine will be the best equipped in this part of the country. 2,600 feet of railroad is now under construction which will connect the mine with the Cotton Belt Railroad.

This new project will be completed within 60 days and at a cost of approximately $25,000.00. The capacity of this mine will be about 800 tons per day.


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from The Malakoff News
4 March, 1926