A “Bit” of Looking Back – Noted Referee to Officiate at Game Here This Afternoon (November, 1934)

Noted Referee to Officiate at Game Here This Afternoon

From The Malakoff News
9 November, 1934

Bennie Lee Boynton

Bennie Lee Boynton of Dallas, one of the foremost football officials of the entire nation, will officiate at the Malakoff-Trinidad game here today.  Mr. Boynton is a regular Southwestern Conference official and is ever in demand to referee intersectional games of the major colleges and the important high school games throughout the State.  He was recently called to New York to officiate at the game between Fordham University of New York and Southern Methodist University of Dallas.

His coming here today is in the fulfillment of a promise that he made to W. D. Puterbaugh whom he visited here some time ago.  Malakoff and the Tigers consider themselves extremely honored that such an outstanding official as Bennie Lee Boynton should consent to come here to take part in one of their athletic events.

W. D. Puterbaugh

Mr. Boynton’s presence this afternoon together with the enthusiastic, friendly rivalry between the two adjoining towns is expected to result in the largest crowd that has ever attended a football game in this city.  It is expected that the business boosters in both Malakoff and Trinidad will close for the game.

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